Welcome to the Sylvie Fahrer and son Domain.

We are independent wine growers and wine producers in Alsace since 1932. Situated in the heart of the Route des Vins (the wine road), we also offer Bed and Breakfast facilities that could help you in discovering  and experiencing the way we live our passion amidst our winery.

It all started in 1932 with the first generation of wine growers in our family. At the time, the majority of Alsatians used to produce the wine for their own consumption, combining wine growing,  cereal and vegetable production and the farm breeding…Joseph Fahrer was one of the first in Saint-Hippolyte to bottle his wine in order to sell it. He started trying to sell around 600 bottles by putting a sign “Wine for sale” in front of his house. Tourism in those days was not as developed as it is today. He kept his main and various activities going in order to provide for his family. Nevertheless, in spite of the war and the hardships of that period, he slowly developed his wine selling business.

Joseph and his wife, Maria, had two children: a son, Armand and a daughter, Jeanette. Armand was the designer of the Fahrer domain’s development which was just a farm at the time. In 1954, he decided to stop the crops and livestock farming so that he could concentrate solely on the production of PDO Alsace wines. With the help of  his wife, Lilian, and taking advantage in  the 60s, 70s and 80s  of the development of tourism, and of  the increase in  the sale and  wine consumption, the couple as   perfect representatives of  the second generation of wine growers, developed the domain, by creating a wine storage cellar, a wine making process unit,  and a store.  And in doing all this, they produced rich and fruity wines that have given their fame to the family-run domain. 

Armand and Liliane had two daughters: Daniéle in 1959 and Sylvie in 1963. And thus, the third generation came about.

Sylvie from a very young age, was passionate about the wine making world; loved nature and preferred working outside than staying inside at school. After Armand’s death in 1992, the two women had decided to stop the sale of bottled wine. Sylvie did her best to preserve the real estate.

In 1998, she was joined by her companion, Yvan. They developed together what we can call today ‘oenotourism’ by creating 5 rooms for a Bed and Breakfast directly overlooking the winery. In 2011, Sylvie’s son Raphaël, joined her and who has entirely taken over the elaboration of the PDO Alsatian wines, taking to heart his family’s heritage as was his role of an independent wine grower. He works with the utmost respect for the vines and the soil.

To this day, the small family vineyard which has roughly 25 acres of vines located in the town of Saint Hippolyte and Rorschwihr. Benefiting from an exceptional geographic situation with 7 different soil types, you can taste unique typicities where everyone can find their happiness. We invite you to come and discover them!